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Pushing Through the Pavement: A Permaculture Action Story

It’s true; musicians can be a catalyst for social change!  Watch the inspiring story about the first Permaculture Action Tour, with music producer The Polish Ambassador, that covered over 9,000 miles though 33 cities and 19 states, from San Francisco to New York City, spreading funky beats and permaculture action.  The film tells the story of the Permaculture Action Team traveling with musicians The Polish Ambassador, Ayla Nereo, Mr. Lif, and visual projection designer Liminus, working with local organizers and fans in each city to get their hands dirty building the world that we want to live in.  With coverage of the entire 6 weeks on tour coast-to-coast, and over 40 interviews with permaculture designers, educators, and practitioners, the film is packed with exclusive TPA content, behind-the-scenes footage, and sustainable solutions.  Amidst the global theater of climate change and a variety of other social and ecological problems, this film introduces permaculture as a practical solution we all can implement now, from the micro to the macro. We have all the power to make the world we want to live in!

“While the world’s problems become increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple” – Bill Mollison 


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The First Permaculture Action Tour

The first Permaculture Action Tour launched from San Francisco in late September and embarked on a 32 city quest to empower fans through community action and permaculture education.  We travelled with musicians The Polish Ambassador, Ayla Nereo, Mr. Lif, and visual designer Liminus encouraging fans from their show to come out the following days to get their hands dirty in an organized permaculture action day.

We visited eco-villages and permaculture project sites, worked with local organizations  and volunteers to transform communities, to spread sustainable and regenerative practices, from building earthships, creating community gardens, planting food forests, to cleaning up public space. These action days engaged thousands of fans across the nation to get involved with projects in their communities and immersed them in a work party focused on building the world so we all can live in it.

We held a permaculture action day in each of the 32 cities bringing direct community action and education.  With overwhelming support, we held multiple days of action and multiple project sites in several cities.

Who Did We Talk To?

Michael Flynn, Education Director at Common Vision, California
Eric Olsen, Director of the Permaculture Skills Center, Sebastopol, California
Nick Heyming, Grow Games Interactive & Growcology, Emerald Village, California
Don Tipping, Seven Seeds Farm, Ashland, Oregon
Jerome Osentowski, Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute, Basalt, Colorado
– Mike Wird, Regenerative Lifestyles/Earthship Denver, Denver, Colorado
– David Miller, Archangel Ancient Trees, Kalamazoo, Michigan
– Nathan Burnell, Cycles Compost Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina
– Ryan Rising, Permaculture Educator, Oakland, California
– Melissa Miller, Common Good City Farm, Washington DC
– John Hanson, Urban Resiliency Weekend Organizer, Washington DC
– Allison Gilroy, Urban Farm Collective, Portland, Oregon
– Shayna Gladstone, Project Nuevo Mundo, Portland, Oregon
Andrew Faust, Center for Bioregional Living, New York City
David Sugalski, The Polish Ambassador, at shows and project sites with Ayla Nereo, Mr. Lif, exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes, and more.

…and many more!

The Impact

A story is invaluable. Our story started when an organizer and an artist with a vision came together for a new kind of tour that left positive community action, permaculture, and funky beats in its wake.  With a team of musicians, organizers, and enablers, their story unfolds in 6 weeks across 9,000 miles, to 32 cities in 18 states. In no way were any of us ready for the challenges or the lessons.  It inspired our hearts, broaden our minds, connected us to thousands, and warned of the largest crisis man will ever face. Most importantly though, we took action and the story inspires others to help create the world we all want to live in.